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Monday, March 16, 2009

The Toucan's Makeover

So, after looking at the blog of one of our contributors and realizing our home was a bit monochromatic, I decided to spice our background up, or more correctly, lime it up. Lime green IS one of my favorite colors, but it can also be found on the toucan in nature, believe it or not. I personally think it's spiffy, but I realize not everyone may agree with my taste in decor. You are free to comment and offer suggestions should the sight of this site make you feel seasick or you find the orange titles hard to read. Also, submission guidelines are now more obvious than ever, so if you're visiting, you don't have to go through 80 million old posts to find them, which I consider a definite improvement.
Other than that, we have an exciting announcement or two coming soon, and no, it's not the release party...really people, we need HELP on that front. Keep checking the blog, and Viva La Toucan!

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