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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Something About Our Contributors...And Us

We finally realized we should have bios, and we think they’re works of art equal to the submissions. In keeping with the bird theme, we asked the age-old question “why is a raven like a writing desk?” to enlightening results.

D. J. R. Caron feels the work being published in this magazine is some of his weakest stuff, but doesn't mind the embarrassment because its editor is an adorable shrew who needs her cheeks pinched. (Editrice Note: We think he’s referring to Liz) He is also of the opinion that a raven is like a writing desk because both produce shit.

Taegan Harker has known for a long time that ravens are like writing desks because you can never catch them when they fly. This experience was during her travels around the UK between '98 and '09, when she was trying to convince either ravens or writing desks to inspire her. Nowadays she forgoes that hunt, but carries on the writing, back in Louisiana.

Dan Cirilo: I am an incarnation of Lord Byron & Poe, just not as well written...though, I am oversexed & drug & alcohol influenced; unfortunately it shows in my writing. I am taking steps to improve by excluding mind-altering substances when I write, but can't / won't abstain from frequent promiscuity. 'Is poetry better than sex? No, it's bloody well not!'

Rob Marshall says: "The pen is a new-found tool. Writing wasn't always a passion because writing didn't often happen. After recently finding the pen, the writing has become routine and will bring lifelong joy."

Ryan Mattern, a 21 year-old native of Southern California, grew up immersed in a suburban x counter-culture of punk rock. His parents owned an independent record store in a conservative small town, and Ryan spent his developing years skating behind the store and listening to his older mohawked friends tell him about the evil imperial system and the best way to get liberty spikes to stand up. When he got older he picked up a book called Hairstyles of the Damned by Joe Meno and it all clicked for him. He wanted to move to Chicago and become a writer. And although he did live in Chicago for a year, circumstance has brought him back to California where he is currently going to school and working on his novel. Answer to the question: The last time I spoke to the Mad Hatter, he told me he hadn't the slightest idea, so when he knows, I'll let you know.

Olivia Petrus’s pieces “How To Be A Literary Genius” and “Rise” were published in Issues One and Two of The Toucan, respectively.

Something About The Editors--We are, you know, going to write you a note on the next page…ok fine, you’re persistent, and you deserve to know.

Liz Baudler recently totaled her car and wishes more people would submit to The Toucan, a name derived from walking around Brookfield Zoo one steamy summer day last year. Liz writes fiction and poetry, likes editing both, and studies at Columbia College Chicago. And she’s not a complete idiot, she did work on her high school lit mag, so there. Ravens are like writing desks because they both have legs. Occam’s razor, you know.

I happen to be Laura Rynberg by pure chance. I dig music, sci-fi anything, and words. I’m a writer by design that never could get the hang of sticking to one field. Though I study fine arts I refuse to limit myself to that. I feel that the words flibbertigibbet, splunge, squee-jawed, and lurgy, regardless of definition, can tell you all you need to know about me. Ravens and writing desks are similar in the fact that neither plays the harp with any skill. Also, neither are Toucans, which makes them far inferior.

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