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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Page 6--Golden Anniversary--Dan Brady

It hasn’t always been styled prefab there

They’ve become our auto chrome reflections

But Hiroshima still squirms within

Beneath our fleshly body

It sips
It wasn’t just the blaze of wind
Hiroshima kissed a mouth in the sky
No matter where ever, whenever
We drink to it
It comes through
Even with fifty years of insulation
We reinforce the bombs being put
High above
The joint command
In bed with Teller, Strangelove et al.
Still, now
Through every survivor’s veins
Its warm smoke and black rain courses
Second by second
Hiroshima still waters their eyes
Think we’re snug?
Think we’re smug?
It is still
Sucking on us
It drinks to us
A parasite clutching onto our soul’s mantle
Its silent roar
All the louder now a days
Happy golden anniversary my dear
More returns.

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