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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Page 8--Untitled Dec. 2006--Beth Rolingson

The Copenhagen sky is a white feather blanket
pulled up snug over the city
by the unseen hands of Winter.
Grey blocks of buildings wait
for men on ladders
to outline each glassy pane with green garlands
oozing sap and smelling of the forest.
Like windows lighting in the early dawn,
one yellow square appearing,
then two and three,
the harbor city is transformed:
Yule markets spring up along the canal;
in the Winter Gardens;
on downtown streets.
Cinnamon steam rises from boiling cauldrons.
Everywhere, images of the red-capped jul nisse, Christmas elf, appear
as rag dolls, crowded (like office workers
on the morning train) in baskets,
hanging from strings,
their stitched and painted smiles
beaming at the babies bundled into
bright cocoons, packed in prams.

I imagine, amongst the dolls,
a jul nisse, for real,
winking at the babies and believers.

The city is sparkling with light.

Art by Tom Besson

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