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Friday, April 30, 2010

Page 10--Soumrak--Tom Besson

I sit alone wondering why I chose solitude over companionship. The forest answers me as twilight creeps over the landscape. It seems to rise from the roots of the trees and spill forth from the depths of the creek bed, flowing like a dark mist across the open fields. The fireflies begin their dance of desire, their glow growing stronger with the fading light. In a symphony of chartreuse they send their message of ephemeral life made bearable only in the pursuit of beauty.

The sound of rolling thunder and flowing water is all to be heard as the darkness ascends to the sky. Battling the impending night, fingers of lightning shoot across the heavens as the fireflies seek refuge on the underside of leaves.

I am at one with nature, torn between two homes, in anticipation of the first and in sorrow at leaving the second.

Soumrak by Tom Besson

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