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Friday, June 25, 2010

Phew, a review!

We have a new and big-time fan, Chris Crittenden, who, when we accepted his poems, was so thrilled (or possibly in the grip of our mind-control...funny, thought I was joking about that) that he published this review of us on his blog, Owl Who Laughs, First let us say that we would link to any review, even if it called us blithering idiots who spend our days running around with buckets on our heads (though we might just link to that for the poignancy of the image and/or the humor value, to say nothing of residual truth). However, this is not one of those reviews. If this review were any more glowing, it could be seen from outer space. We actually feel like we don't deserve it! Anyway, from poking around Owl Who Laughs, we are in turn impressed by Chris' powers of language and reviewing, and wish that there were more people like him in the blogosphere. So give him some love as well. And we swear we didn't pay him. We swear.

1 comment:

  1. It was my pleasure, definitely. And I do think it would be wonderful if more writers blogged about good editors and stellar journals. Or even bad ones. Editors really do work hard for us, volunteering. How they wade through all the submissions and neurosis without blowing a gasket I'll never know.

    Thanks Liz and Laura for running such a great site!

    Owl Who Laughs