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Friday, September 17, 2010

Better late than never for This Paper City

All right, reading public, we are idiots. A little over a month ago the esteemable Ben Folgers published his first issue of a literary zine called This Paper City, a feat for which he should be applauded. Do you know how much WORK it is to have a lit mag?! Only today we noted that we did not note this momentous occasion by posting on the blog (we covered Facebook, but not here). This posts aims to accomplish three things:

1. Heralding, belatedly, the first issue of a magazine for Chicagoland authors--in print but found online on a wonderfully designed blog, (oh, incidentally, you might find Editrice Liz's name in the TOC. Just sayin'.)
2. Letting you know that if you are from the Chicago area, you should totally check them out for submissions:
3. Proving that rumors of the editrices' deaths have been greatly exaggerated, despite the fact that we just started the rumor. Still, it was a little hard to tell sometimes this summer). Always nice to keep posting, and speaking of upcoming does October 1st for Fall sound to you all?

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