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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Various Crash Landings--John Grey

You'd be glad your
face did not rot.
You're frozen solid.
Saves us from hiring
a sculptor at least.
No such luck for
Cornwall and his crew.
They crash-landed on a warm planter.
They've decomposed
beyond all recognizable features.
Pity. Science Officer Tennant
was such a beauty in her day.
But your face was saved.
It's a shrine
to all you have accomplished.
Cornwall was a fool.
He didn't know his warp speed
from his transporter beam.
Poor Tennant.
Her loveliness is broth for birds,
scraps for scavengers.
But you're a statue.
Your stalwart features
are what cryogenics
was invented for.
People can see you for miles.
It's a good thing really
that Tennant's death
has left you in a cold place.
No burning up.
No feast for worms.
Once you're over it,
you can thaw out.
You can get on with your life.

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