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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Poem of the Week--Fall--JANEisnotplain

Our feature is just rolling along, and hint hint, it might not stay just the "poem" of the week. But until then, content yourself with a celebration of the season fast departing and one fast approaching, by one of our favorite contributors, whose sites you should check out at



fall lies within the final sentence of the year’s paragraph
like the smoldering ash of a semicolon, or the flick of a pen.
one leaf in the mounds of leaves burns by the roadside like
the many letters of a lost lover, set ablaze by a waning sun.

if winter is the season of solitude then fall must therefore be
the lonliness that precedes it as in a season of proper longing,
wind blown confessions, silent penance and spring’s regrets.

fall is but punctuation in a beautifully tragic form as its days
grow shorter and collars instinctively turn themselves up toward
the brilliance of an orange sky abandoned now by sun sweetened
kisses and warm embraces.

the charred remains of summer with its forgotten words and
guilty pleasures turn now like colors. now shifting,now drifting,
now depleting themselves of affection until reaching the crisp
translucency of winter.

JANEisnotplain 10.17.10

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