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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Winter Issue!

Well, we are in a grouchy mood because we just spent the last 2 hours posting this issue. We need to seriously rethink the whole publishing poems with funny formats thing...ANYWAY, we've decided to be intelligent and helpful this time and actually provide you a Table of Contents with links to the pages. We don't know why we never thought of this before, but luckily our favorite publicity machine, Chris Crittenden, also known as Owl Who Laughs, suggested it last time and the man has a point. In fact, once we have more time on our hands (which at this rate looks like when we get kidnapped by the Tralfamadorians), we'll go back and do that for all issues. But in the meantime, our Christmas present to you is convenience (and the color version of our cover by D.J.R Caron). Use it well

Circling, Cavenaugh Kelly
The Musical Mind, Craig Medvecky
Writing, Chris Crittenden
Midnight Laptop, Chris Crittenden
A Long Night Scribbling Between Waves, Jim Davis
Art by Jim Fuess
Two Short Poems, Mike Marks
The Pregnant Virgin Hen, Mike Marks
Dreams of a Fruit Fly, Emily Kurn
Origami, Emily Kurn
Morning on the El Tracks, Gertrude Van Dyke
Obscenity, Zeke Jarvis
Vector Field, Zeke Jarvis
How, Matt Dennison
Skin Still On, Matt Dennison
The Peace Bond, Sander Blome
What Was That Sound? She Asks, Howie Good
Music, Emmanuel Japka
Art, Kristine Ong Muslim
Iguatemi, Hugh Fox
Middle of the Night, Jonathan Warren
1992, John Trause
Apes, Grant Loveys
Sara, Richard Donnelly
At Work On The Psychiatric Ward, Doug Holder

Brief Biographies
The Infamous Note from the Editrices

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