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Friday, December 10, 2010

Poem of the Week--Women's Department--John Grey

Well, we hope you're enjoying our Winter Issue, and do enjoy this poem of the week, oddly reminiscent of Christmas shopping...oh joy.

Women's Department

by John Grey

Her hands rifle racks of dresses
while I stand, zombie-like,
at the edge of lace frills,
skimpy black outfits,
underwear as thin as petals.
She’s in some Sapphic land
where feminine skin takes great pleasure
in the embrace of silk or cotton.
She’s in Amazonia,
with the fortifying gray business suits,
stiff-collared blouses,
round black buttons.
She’s in that private world
where women pleasure themselves
in how they’ll look in
string bikini, bright pink bra.
She tries something on,
asks me, “What do you think?”
She’s in the country
of the thought police.

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