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Friday, January 7, 2011

Poem of the Week--Labrador Stone--Tannen Dell, and Indigo Rising Mag

This Poem of the Week is not only a fun quirky piece which features the term "octopi snap", it's a shameless shill for you all to check out and submit to a magazine we recently discovered called Indigo Rising. Tannen Dell is its editor, and invited us to poke our beak around. We like what we saw, first of all, because it's gorgeous and breathtaking site, full of surreal photos and abstract paintings (some by our sometime contributor Jim Fuess). If you're overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work posted, take it as a positive. Indigo Rising posts at least one piece a day, and all pieces later compete for inclusion in their print issue. As editrices often deluged with too much good stuff, we're so irritated we didn't think of that ourselves that it's not even funny. But irritation aside, that indicates to us that Tannen and his crew are truly committed to giving new voices a chance to be heard and finding jewels in a mine of submissions (terrible metaphor alert!). More seriously, Indigo Rising is an embodiment of everything we stand for as editrices...encouragement, accesibility, a discerning eye, and a sense of fun. We'd like to think of them as our hip West Coast cousin (could that possibly be a phoenix on the cover?), up and coming in the world, and we're more than happy to give them a plug. Editrice Liz even gave them a poem, and wonders of wonders, they took it (how's that for a canny bit of self-promotion?). So, give them a read, and maybe even a piece or two? And of course, enjoy Tannen's (and maybe Editrice Liz's) poem, which futher proves that editorial talents coexist quite happily with the poetic ones, in case we have given you any reason to doubt.

Labrador Stone

by Tannen Dell


An effervescent stand or fall
A winter springing up some
summer eyes


My ravenous raven
kiss licks the death of
the crows crowd.


Collapse my synapses,
my Icarus slap is
your octopi snap.

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