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Friday, April 8, 2011

Poem of The Week, The Devil, A Long Spoon, and a Serious Error in Judgment

This poem just seems like a good fit for this week, you know? Wry, triumphant...yeah, that's what we're feelin'. Or then again, maybe we're just gloating about walking away from romance...Anyhoo, Carmen Taggart's a fun new poet we recently found, and we hope she sticks around the Toucan for a long time to come.

Also, speaking of weekly features, we have something else up our wings. You'll hear about it soon. Suffice it to say it will involve serials, and we don't mean killers or Fruit Loops.

The Devil, A Long Spoon, and a Serious Error in Judgment

by Carmen Taggart
She said come dine with me,
I hold the answers to a more vibrant life.
She was rockin’ the red dress and the stiletto heels,
so who could resist?

We discussed a contract over tea and cakes, and
I didn’t need my really long spoon,
for whispered promises, unslakable desire,
Our entwined bodies reflecting in the window glass,
Her reflection craggy, wrinkled, and withered;
darkness no longer had a youthful face.

She turned as red as her dress, heels stomping, you can’t walk away from me!
Oh, but I can, I said, you have no power.
Yes, I do!! You need me! I am a celebutant! I hold the answers! Only me!
I laughed as I walked away.

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