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Friday, July 29, 2011

Poem of The Week, Poem for H.R Pufnstuf, Jacob Edwards

Yes folks, this is our Poem of the Week. Slowly however we are making our way towards being editrices once again, so realize that you will not have to put up with much more nonsense (or merely a more evolved level of such). Incidentally, our Aussie Jacob Edwards writes some side-splitting nonfiction. Check it out in the Spring Issue.

by Jacob Edwards

Piffle the puffle
sniffles and snuffles
spiffy as Jiffy the magic mush truffle hog

Pittance the puffin
mittens and muffins
smitten with Kitten-cat’s good riddance duffle coat

Piffle and Pittance
go down to the sewer
Piffle spits spittle and Pittance skips school with her

Brown all around them
the hot bed of sludge
calls to hot-headed Piff, “Give that puffin a nudge.”

“You’ve found him, now drown him
in warm chocolate fudge!”
so Piff, she does push, but the puff, he won’t budge

Pittance the puffin
once bitten, twice nothin’
twitters through gritted beak, “Don’t you try snuffin’ me!”

Piffle the puffle
catch whiff the kerfuffle
miffed by his drift, she goes off in a huffle


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