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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wedding Toast From the Best Man, Who Is Still Single For Some Reason, Brandon Amico

I never thought
you two would end up

I mean, do you remember
the first time you saw her,
Charlie? What you said?

No, no, don't worry, it's
funny. Remember, this
was back in freshman year

at B.C., before Sandra
lost all that weight- you
look great now, though-

well, we were lounging around
by the pool as the swim team
practiced, because the male-to-

female ratio was favorable,
and you saw her wearing that
gray swimsuit and said:

"Wow, for a moment
I thought there was a
hippo fording this pool."

I know, I thought that was
mean too, but he looked at me,
Charlie...look at me, you

remember this: you looked at me
and said: "I was talking about
her teeth."

But all's well that ends well,
right? Those dentists are
miracle workers nowadays.

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