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Friday, August 19, 2011

Poem of the Week, Dark Grey, Valerie Melichar

It is WAY too early in the morning. But we wanted to be good and make sure this week's edition got up early. We were a little late last time. Eew, we have to go to work after this? Never mind. We're thrilled to have a poem by Valerie Melichar in our Winter Issue, but since we can't wait until then, here's a shade of her now (get it? Shade, "Dark Grey".....ah, wit doesn't work before 9 in the morning.)

Dark Grey

by Valerie Melichar

The first time I saw you again
the feathers in my down jacket
fluttered like angry chickens.
You made no sense, running
your hand through your hair
as I, without greeting, walked
backwards towards the door.
I didn't consider it goodbye.

The second time I returned,
you had lost your home.
I recognised you, though your skin
and your strange clothes had been
dipped in the same dark grey.
I took your filthy, clawed hand
into my bony pale one before
you became too small to see.

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