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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Domestic Nomadism, Ashley Cline

Domestic Nomadism
         a short series


The Homeless and the Housed

No mercy is mire
when looking for . . .

Dew straddles the clover
to cleave, “whisked wine!”

Said the Alpha Dog to the Omega
Frog, by an abandoned teapot of pond,

“Find me the finest finery, actually
the finest”


Shrub Rosa

Let’s go



If Secession Succeeds, a Recession Recedes

The body over a false balcony:
         the forge gorge,
wants the necessary honey, to fuel;
         the body, needs mead –
My body lies over the law of motion,
                   the economy,
                               also, of motion;

Forged gorge, the body some
           coin, voided –
Plead! the lea! the body sum
              need:                            mead.


Sprig, the Right Rigor of Spring

No disagreement with house
Plant; clay pots –

Though furnished, not burnished,
Like the bonnet:

Made of mason jars, blue
Without the pus

Of berries . . .

Which, well-cranked, are
The finest


I want to


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