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Sunday, October 2, 2011

YouTube Recommended, Don Kingfisher Campbell

I was The Moody Blues with a House
Of Four Doors in front of me

when I wanted to be The Marx Brothers
in a Big Store on a chase

so like Monty Python's Best Sketch Ever
I found The Meaning Of Life

instead of being a Stealer's Wheel
Stuck In The Middle With You

like James Brown I remade Something
like Yes I covered I'm Down

I took a line from Carl Sagan's Message
For Humanity and made my Last Interview

this Von Trapp Family asked What's My Line
as I boarded a Rush Time Machine Tour

I said our relationship has been like some
Disturbingly Racist Cartoons, like a 9/11 UFO

and The Allure Of Hip Hop-ping away
like Rudy Francisco on the Final Stage

helps me locate my Spirit Of Survival
because Time Is Time has become my motto

I am (He Is) Sailing to the Horizon like the Hawaii
Governor who thinks he's Lazarus Once Again

to look for Vangelis Alpha in Donovan Colours
through Genesis Slippermen I will offer the Duchess Live

Christmas In Heaven not The Knife
as Seconds Out I'll Dance On A Volcano

do my Rick Wakeman Solo before I go
on the Grumpy Old Picture Show

like Andy Griffith on Halloween
like Harpo Shooting Out as he Goes West

Be A Clown in the Train Station
wanting one more Nursery Rhyme Concerto

I've got to make like James Mason
drink Thunderbird Wine

seek my own Marlena Shaw to Teach Me
How To Speak In Love for Madlib Infinity

Let The Good Times Roll B.B. King style
I've already Felt--Now She's Gone

Republican/Democrat What's The Difference
you're the Bette Davis in my Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

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