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Friday, November 25, 2011

Poem of the Week, If You Are Ever Wondering, Jessy Randall

We're really stoked for the Winter Issue, because it has two poems by this fantastic lady in it.

Also, it is the day after Thanksgiving. Just in case you were wondering. We were a little confused ourselves. As usual we're thankful the holiday gives us time, that it exempts toucans from appearing on the dinner table, and that we have a lovely bunch of readers and writers who send us work and make us smile in between chowing down on bananas. Editrice Liz and Laura are also thankful for the significant otters that brighten their days and distract us from editorial duties.

Just in case you were wondering what Toucan central was thankful for.

If You Are Ever Wondering
by Jessy Randall

If you are ever wondering
what day it is
I'll tell you:

it's the day
you regret
not being nicer to your children

and it's the day
you think
you are too nice to them and
you're going to ruin them.

Also, it's the day
when you have to
clean out the cat box.


  1. And it's the day you tell your child from now on she's cleaning out the catbox but she'll get candy, such that you'll ruin her either way. Then you remember you don't have a catbox; you have dogs, and realize that having children has ruined your brain, and, worse, it's Monday.

  2. Julie, we don't know you, but we like you already!