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Thursday, December 1, 2011

How To Maintain the Oligarchy, Joseph Farley

For the health of the nation
It is essential
To periodically squeeze the people,
Hold them by their feet
And give them a good shake,
Gather what falls from pockets
And brassieres
And stuff the coffers
Of the kingpins
Who are running low
On whiskey
Or diamonds for
Their mistresses.
If the people have
Land or children,
Air or ideas
Worth taking,
Be sure to take this also.

It is also essential
While doing this
To tell the victims
That it is only for
Their own good,
And to disagree
Would be less than
If anyone disagrees,
Arrest him
Or label him a kook.

We will continue
this discussion
At the country club
Or while skiing
In Switzerland.
Be sure to bring
Your portfolio

To gain admission.

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