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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lampoon, Claire T. Feild

Her body satirizes nature: her head
and neck the length of a crocodile’s
head and neck, her waist the width
of a tigress’ underbelly, her fingernails
the breath of a chameleon’s tail.
Where was nature when this child
was conceived? She was too busy
sculpturing to perfection the colorful
forms to be born to those with diamonds
for front doors and crystals for
stairways to their non-challenged homes.
Nature’s robots watch out
for phantasms, ghosts born to a
ruthless society for the purpose of
staining everything stalwart white.
Nature oversees her first platoon of
emerald soldiers who casually
march into some of her clients’
diamonds, her need for color once
again fulfilled.

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