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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Cache of Covers

As I go through past issues, I find myself making sure the visual artists get their due. While every artist that has been in our pages has their own posting, I thought it would be nice to collect all of the past covers together. We know that it's an odd number to do this for. Who cares about 17 issues? 20 is where all the cool kids hang their retrospective. We just needed a bit of housecleaning is all. So, here are all of our covers!

 Issues 1, 2, and 4 by Liz Baudler
Issue 3 by Laura Rynberg

Issue 5 by Andy Bigelow

Issue 6  and logo by Tom Besson

Issue 7 by Auguste Haboush

Issue 8 by Emily Macko

Issue 9 by D.J.R. Caron
Issue 10 by Liz Baudler
Issue 11 by Wyl Villacres

Issue 12 by Kat Wyand

Issue 13 by Mike Scelfo

Issue 14 by D.J.R. Caron

Issue 15 by Liz Baudler

Issue 16 by Laura Rynberg

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