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Laura, Toucan Editrice

Friday, May 10, 2013

A Friend Indeed

Hello all!

   How lovely to see you again. Care for a cuppa? Bit chilly today so it might help you warm up. It's May and there is so much I have to tell you! Firstly, I've been lacking in my editorial duties by doing things like answering emails within the week and posting content on time, or at all. It's not that I don't love you, but this really is a job for two people. I get shoved gown guilt spirals because I'm the child that believes if you can't see it, there's no problem, even though I know better. I had grandiose plans to fix the site and put together PDFs, but I am still only one person. This may sound like a sob story, but I'm actually trying to break good news. I've been running this literary circus for about a year on my own and it's time to have a reunion. Our favorite editrice is coming back! There's no need to hide it, she's everyone's favorite. Mostly because she can use commas and wit better than I can. That's right Liz will be returning to The Toucan very soon. In what capacity remains to be seen, but she'll be back. Between the two of us we're bound to get things up in time and respond to emails in a timely fashion. She'll make a proper re-introduction when the time comes, and in the meantime I'm still calling the shots. But I know she was sorely missed and now that I've had a say in things, you may need to pick sides. Letting us know which pieces you like will help define the content in the future. We want our readers to enjoy what we publish!

   Secondly, this issue may be a little late, but it sure is something. Lots of lovely poetry to be read here, as well as some prose. It's a bit of a lighter issue, but quality over quantity, huh? Plus there's a bit of artwork! I'm always excited about any artwork we get. It breaks up the issue a bit and helps bring home the point that The Toucan loves all forms of art and storytelling. That's not to say that the writing isn't something to get excited about. We have some familiar faces as well as brand new writers in this issue. It's spring, new beginnings are important and everyone gets one in this issue. The styles and subjects are all so varied I can't even pull recommendations. Just enjoy all of it.

   Lastly, my birthday was May 1st and usually it's celebrated with the issue. That's just how the schedule turned out.  Since you can't all send me gifts, I'd like you to submit your best work to The Toucan. That is probably the best gift I could ever get. I want The Toucan to continue to exist and be enjoyed by all kinds of readers. Submitting helps keep us alive. Now, I'll top off that tea and leave you to read. Thank you, and enjoy the issue.

Editrice Laura

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