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Friday, May 10, 2013

The Harmonica and the Cat, Danny Earl Simmons

“Ase Linden had three friends and a flute.” – The Sojourner

Ase has me beat by two friends
and a flute. What I have these days
is her and what’s ours together.

I mow; she weeds; what’s ours
together learns to play bundled
in the early green of dewy spring.

Later, after dinner, I watch
what’s ours together splash
in the warm soapy water

of his nighttime routine
as she runs just one more errand
for milk. Later still, her fingertips

move slowly along my back
with the lightest touch of gentle
conversation. I breathe

heavily while what’s ours together
dreams out loud, “Mommy, Daddy.”
Perhaps a recalculation

is in order. What I have these days
is her and what’s ours together,
leaving me lacking

just one good friend and a flute –
unless I count the harmonica
and the cat.

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