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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back Page-- Dear Intrepid Reader (Editor's Note)

Bonjour. We are The Toucan, and this is an editor speaking.
We’re a new literary magazine. Therefore, we need money, paper, staples, time, and hot dogs, but mostly submissions. If you picked this up, attracted by the neon cover, good. That was our plan. We do, however, hope you enjoyed our little adventure in mind control. If you’re interested in us, ya like what ya read, and you fiddle around with prose, poetry, creative nonfiction, flash fiction, etc. we want your stuff. We’d like to distribute the next issue around March 1st, if you’re one of those people who needs a deadline. We accept submissions at, and we’re also online, at, where we have submission information, the contents of the magazine for those who don’t have the power of paper, and occasional announcements. We might have a release party, so check out the blog for details soon!
This issue is fantastic not only because it’s our first, but because it’s fantastic. From the subversive polysyllabic beginning of “How To Live Like A Literary Genius”, to the surrealistic channeling of Lewis Carroll for “White Rabbit”, to the beautiful phrasing of “Dream Logic” and shock of “Stop Screaming! It’s Only Foreplay”, we think we it’s something special. Well, we would say that. You read it, don’t you think so?! Say yes…
As I listen to the printer steadily choking out pages in the background, mutilating many in the process, I remembered I didn’t want to write a sappy editor’s note. Or be any more self-centered than necessary. Therefore, some thanks are in order.
To everyone who submitted. We almost had to stuff pages with our pseudonymed crap, but you saved us that fate. We’d rather have your work, anyway. To the Sandburg HS lit mag, Expressions. Especially you, A and D. This is ALL your fault. To Columbia College, for helping artists everywhere, esp. the Fiction Writing Department’s Publishing Lab. To my mother for the stapler, paper, printer, food, college education and moral support. And definitely to Olivia, (also known as Princess Coffee), my fellow editor and dear eccentric friend.
Now START WRITING. Though we claim no responsibility for the results, send them to us anyway. You know our name and email, look up the page.

Viva La Toucan!
Editor Liz

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