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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back Page--So ya got through it again (Editor's Note)

Oh boy. The editor’s note. Loved suddenly remembering to write that last minute.
We do hope you enjoyed our last issue, which is why you likely bawled with undisguised joy when you saw that familiar chain-smoking bird grinning at you from either the English office or that handy table on the Fiction Writing floor. The fact that we did another issue speaks to either our inherent craziness or your enjoyment. I’ll just say both. And we really are pretty darn excited about this issue… it’s kind of a habit of ours. For one thing, we found a few more poets under rocks, dazzling their flaky language about wildly when coaxed. We’ve been reminded of “Burnt Sienna” mornings on the L along with other “Fatelistic Trains”, the perils of “Chronic Indecision”, and even being at war with your own name, ala Laura of “Laura: At War”. Alice makes a triumphant encore in Part One of “Alice Gothica”, we meet “Ghosts of the South Building” and a “Designated Hitter”, and encounter utter vividness and dystopia in “The Journalist of Fingers”. I think we did OK for ourselves second time around, whatta ‘bout you?
But we need support if we are to keep airborne (it’s a Toucan, ha ha). Definitely in the form of submissions. WE NEED SUBMISSIONS. ESPECIALLY POETRY. There were probably more elegant ways of saying that, but we, as you can tell, are not overburdened with elegance. Now, don’t you fictionatos out there give up, since you guys have been great about submissions. Not that we want this to turn into a competition or anything, but poets and prosers alike, you can show your love and hopefully talent by submitting to Our next issue: Early May.
Also, really, the blog,, is a helpful and fun resource. The more you check it out, the more we’ll update it. Especially because, dang it, we want to have a release party sometime this century. This will be two issues without a party, and since our mascot is a highly social smoker who is inspired by smoking at parties, this is UNACCEPTABLE. We want to organize a reading, writing, talking, and of course eating extravaganza. Literature is nothing without food, right? We merely need venue suggestions, which can be submitted at the email address or on the blog. However, Senor Toucan is not a tipsy bird, plus he’s underage, so only a hangout that is not 21+ works.
In closing, the usual thx apply, but we’d like to give a special shout-out to Jeanne Lombaer, who was so brainwashed by our brilliant green cover... she found other ways to support us and we wish some of you readers had green on the brain. Thank you, Mrs. Lombaer, our first (and currently only) lifetime subscription holder. Viva you, and La Toucan too!

Editor Liz

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