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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Page 16--Laura: The Poem Of War--Laura Rynberg

So, the one and only Lizzy B. (that's an in-joke, you know) persuaded me to find words using only the letters in my name. THEN she convinced me to do a poem with those words. I SHOULD have done my middle name too cause it would have made this much more pleasant. Anyway, it was fun. When I write my autobiography, Laura: The War, this must be in the front because half of the words were angry words and it’s sort of fitting if you know my bloodline (which is dodgy at best, it's pretty much the World Wars in there). ANYWAY, this is a poem using words that have the same letters in my name. I tried to make it make sense, let’s see if it worked.

A year ‘n’ an era
Able anger burn by
Gray lane barely regal
Bang arena real ugly
Rage lay near lung
Arrange an early brag
Real angry earn’r rue bugle
Bane barrel nearby ‘n’ earn a granule
Lurgy run ably
Bye bye angel


1 comment:

  1. *claps* Well done Laura, this was amazingly written. The first line is a real attention grabber! While the title works just as well.

    Keep me posted on these things damnit! I must read more of these!!!