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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Page 17--Rise--Olivia Petrus

Note: "Rise" is a flow in the tradition of underground hip-hop.

The lucid melody slithers through the static in my mind
Sedated by this dream state that distorts the hands of time
I gaze out of the window in my absent, blank delusion
And watch your ashes rise in waves; a trait of this illusion

In the corner of my vision, you’re a master of the concrete
Coming to conclusions melting truth beneath the blind heat
I shift my vantage point of thought, but never quite awaken
Too fried and sizzled from the plot my fate’s managed to shaken

Clearly it’s mistaken me, in blissful ease it gracefully
Shaped and changed my destiny by peacing out in apathy
Thus slashing free; my course of acceptance
A prayer said in silence of humble repentance
Read out my sentence, of choices, pretenses
Rendered defenseless with fists clenched with consequences
I drop the tenses senses locked in expressing the thought
Discard impressions not respecting the flow as art
Let’s start commencing lyrical interventions
A revolution reflecting the growing movement’s new message

So I step out of the tangible, dissolve the grains of salt
The mountain range behind my shoulders made of pain I tossed
Transcend the dimensions trapped in casual thought
Immensed in my attention to the lessons it taught

Lost in watching the cosmic knot begin
To bend loose swimming free of my physical sins
A wind rush that spins the final rough remnants
Point to the horizon that disguise inner sentiments

It’s time to rise past that cynical stage
That’s laced with rage, plagued by cynical angst
Hike through the valley, splash in venomous banks
Like the shadow in the alley guards the menacing gates
Relegate debate’s weight
Concentrate on straight states
Drip out hate’s precipitate and network with affiliates
That reconciliate, rest assured it’s synchronicity
Embryonic nurturers breed psychic soul simplicity
Cellular fidelity blends light refractions splendidly
Circumvent intensity, submerge resent; think tenderly…

If the feelings don’t subside, take a dive into expansion
Synthesized explicitly for consciousness advancement
The chemical compassion will appreciate the fact
That entactogens can act as an aphrodisiac
Libido seizures snap; racked in serotonin spasms
The peak you reach is weak, so you fight the crash be grabbing
Another poison package origin stemming from organic chemists
Amateur practice lack credentials; residential menace
He never mentioned that his twisted inventions
Sent his better intentions down a bent path towards hell and

We wanted heaven and Tibetan Olympics
Tripping out our minds towards the infinite limits
No matter which way you spit it, don’t forget there’s a difference
You were blessed with the wisdom of existential incisions

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