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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Page 20--Automatic 001--Daniel Majid

Note: "Automatic 001" is a piece of automatic writing with text preserved despite errors.

Bonafide regulatory patterns can coat a familiar face by leaving the creek bed by itself through bear markets. Based out of the Massachusetts state assembly, why weren’t the boys handed their own names besides the trunks they carry on their heads for fear of a good laugh.

Graduation to an essential nutrient deficient monarchy relies completely on what ever kind of battle the two groups can conjure from the blood soaked pits where a fine meal can be prepared. Leave the last table of the night, and it’s doubtful that the money will return to an accustomed flight pattern. Needless feeding was the last commandment left on the mount, beheaded by largess, maintained by apathy.

There’s no need to beguile your own sister, leave her in the ground and pay the wrong man to watch the wrong hole. It’s difficult to believe that no more of the disheartened body, once devoted to a family, was the beautiful beginning to a mediocre middle, and another beautiful beginning. Never mind the tree-nuts, buy the whole lot, and gain a boy. Young and grim.

Won’t a leavened chicken begin to roost on the wrong side of the lake? There are sufficient paradoxes to understand where the money has gone, and when the time permits, a vegetative state can be achieved to herald the age of Boris the man-taker, our time has become naught. Leveled when the sky grows, be weary when the mother takes her own life, be anxious when the soldier begins his assault, or be amazed when the Earth reveals itself.

Nested on more lies than one could carry on a rock, were the men paid to leave? When were we when our God met yours? Nettles will trap your eyes in paradise, kill the ones who won’t allow it. Throw their lives. A burden won’t be relieved on the store or the next, you’ll drown for entertainment, lacking a firm distraction.

Poor boy lying near the feast, suffer me to the hour I grow to be used for a bloody school day; turn my wonder into the fish that cannot be won’t for a love of its own. Find its lent sacrifice charming? Create your own kept women in 16 easy steps. A days work cannot ease your pain, kill your hate with the borrowed manner you’ve had in your own home for years.

The question will still remain: Fortune or sacrifice? Sacrifice of course will need to be revitalized for the young, while the old reap their fortune.

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