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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Page 22--A Fatelistic Train--Emily C. Dabe

The list of movies to see and books to read
and music to listen to grows feeble
and trivial compared to what I have
already done.
What awaits a checked-off-list owner,
except to pass on gained
knowledge gleaned
off the skimming of oldermore influential creams
and whipped
into a superficial sweet and artificial
naught but a garnish
Without even the scraps of
The feast that it onced emphasized
They will starve on our obesity!
I have relaxed my mind to
Earn yet more relaxation.
Retirement, from nothing,
Was that what our forefathers strove for?
Equal obsolete-ion for all?
OH ALDOUS Why not provide an alternative
insanity, seems the only solutionto the Shelter
of mother’s little
Garden State

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