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Laura, Toucan Editrice

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Back Page--Editor's not=EditorS NOTE

There should be lots of good news for you Toucan fans. You should be hearing about our release party/reading, acclaim, national distribution and submissions from T.S Eliot…FOOLED YA! T.S Eliot’s DEAD. It’s not April, heck, it’s not even May 1st anymore, but May 1st reminds me of our first piece of good news—it’s Laura Rynberg’s birthday. Who’s she, you may ask, and why would my normally only slightly insane fave lit mag advertise her birthday? Well, she’s our lovely new editor, or, as she’d say, editrice. She’s an artist by trade (avant-garde artiste to you hoi polloi), but she packs a mean punch. With forks. And her abbreviation is TM, for “taxidermy mosquito”. Oh, never mind, let her talk: Hullo. Some of you may already know who I am, but I'll introduce myself anyway. I was a part of a traveling circus in the freak show (obviously for my writing skills). Liz got me out of the show and took me in as editrice and part-time page-filler. My silly doodles grace one of the pages in this fantastic publication in order to match the silly poem. In interest of space I'll stop while I'm behind, and if you wish to know more, email The Toucan. Ta.
And now you know we’re going to gush about this issue. Basically, as a joke, TM and I are calling it the prom issue. It drifted this way with our first submission, the satirical “Promcoming”, and it just kept going with “A Corny Story”, which is only slightly corny. Plus, it’s prom season. Let me take this moment to remind you all not to drink and drive or buy neon orange tulle dresses. Some more high school memories: for me, math class was only good for poems. Poems, good, Calc BC…shudder. But yet I love the poem “mathematics”. In this issue, the poets stepped it up for sure. New and established voices abound, both with excitement. We might not have national distribution, but we have INTERNATIONAL submissions in “Bomb Scare” and “Aubade”. There’s poems for every palate (or palette), from the lovingly penned “Poem (s) about The Dog and Stork”, to haikus that are not just about nature anymore. “Corner Sweets”, anyone? And “The Longing Adventures of a Perplexed Gourd” needs no further …anything.
So, I suppose you want to know about the release party. So do we. Still in the works, proving difficult. We appreciate all of your suggestions. With the end of the semester, we’re up in the air, but we’ll see what we can do in the future. As always, drop us a line at mailto:thetoucanmag@gmail.%20com or on the blog, at thetoucanonline. We’re thinking about an online-only summer edition with some backlogged work, so keep checking it out for that, and WE’LL keep you posted. I love the plural pronoun now, TM. And of course, SUBMIT!!! Guidelines on the blog, and send work to the email. Toodles, enjoy the sun. The Toucan will.

Regards, Liz AND Laura (or TM), Editrices Extraordinaire

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