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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Page 4---Alice Gothica Part Two--Lauren Masterson

Just as Alice passed by, she came upon lights of every impossible color. There were lights zapping back and forth leaving sparks and sparkles in their wake. In the center of this bumbling show of lights so dazzling sat a rather fat Caterpillar holding great bars of light in his many hands. He was shaking to and fro and his eyes rolled about his great heavy head as the fireflies blew smoke from lighted encased domes happily humming the neurotic tune.
“A party! I never knew insects held such parties!” Alice said to herself.
Just then one of the whizzing lights fizzled and frazzled too close, leaving Alice covered in sparkles and sparks.
“Why, I’m glowing!” Alice exclaimed as she looked down at herself.
“It’s a shame you’re wearing all snickerdy-snack! If only you had on a color whiter than black!”
Alice found herself talking to the light, finding it to be a flitting fairy of flight.
“If I catch you, shall I receive a wish?” Alice supposed as the fairy hovered haphazardly.
“You shan’t be getting any wishes! You can’t catch light as much as sing like talking fishes!”
The fairy flicked almost like a candle going out and rekindled at the Caterpillar’s side. Alice decided to follow the fairy: nevertheless it proved hard to catch.
“Got you!” Alice shrieked triumphantly grabbing hold of a slim leg. However, she found herself holding nothing but star sprinkles.
The fairy gave a gay giggle and disappeared once more. Alice found herself quite alone with the large Caterpillar.
He was white with great loops of iridescent neon color surrounding his bulges. Alice saw that his eyes rolled about like marbles, and they were just as blind.
“Enchantingly engaged!” the Caterpillar shouted above the great din.
“Excuse me?” Alice found it hard to understand the Caterpillar, especially with all the glowing and glittering colors beaming like gems.
“Electing ensemble either east everlasting!”
“What nonsense…” Alice muttered.
A green fairy tossed a couple of the glowing bars to Alice. Without thinking, she grabbed the green glowing gifts from the gleaming air.
Immediately, Alice felt the beat course through her. What had been an irritating erratic thudding became a rhythmic heartbeat pumping the meaning of everything through her veins up to her brain where it settled and exploded into pure nirvana thought. Her hips swung to the beat, chains jingling as additions to the din. Lights flashed off her spikes and created more flitting speckles of color. Images and messages floated around Alice, a mix up of green and rainbows and black. Alice soon found herself singing and waving the glowsticks that had become her world.

Green fairy, green, green fairy, green,
Green, green, green, green absinthe filling me
Green fairy, green, lights dancing scene
Green fairy, green, glowing eyes can’t see
Green fairy, green, green fairy, green
green, green, green, green

Smoke curled around Alice and soon brightly colored coiled dreads adorned her high head, lustrous black curls engulfing the new appendages. The world spun and tilted and everything became green.
When Alice awoke her vision swam before her bloodshot eyes and sensations coursed through her skin. The party looked long gone, the toadstools no longer red, but now brown and foreboding. Alice gingerly touched her hair and found the dreads still ensnared, but the glowing bars had become nothing more than twigs.
“Curiouser and curiouser,” Alice whispered as she dropped the twigs and stood up. Alice stumbled to her feet, finding her sight swimming and shifting so swiftly that her mind missed mostly everything. Upon steadying her stumbling step, Alice found herself ambling towards a surprisingly simple store. The lights were cozy and the door was open. From first glance it looked perfectly normal and good. However, upon hovering halfway in the doorframe. Alice found herself staring at a woman that was more feline. Her fur was smooth as she smoothed her apron and shifted her strange gaze towards poor perturbed Alice.
“Come in! Come in! You needn’t linger lightly lest you lose looking and leave.”
Her ditty perplexed Alice, but nonetheless, she found herself stepping through and was immediately surrounded by sweets and stuffed animals of sorts.
“Is this your shop?” Alice asked carefully.
“Why yes it is! Why not try some Pocky?”
She offered a stick of biscuit covered with chocolate. It was so tempting, but after all the strangeness, who knew what such a gift could mean?


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