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Monday, August 31, 2009

Flying Back Into Business

All right, everyone, we hope you’ve enjoyed your summer. Despite poison ivy, car sales, and dinosaurs, we did too. And now it’s TOUCAN TIME!!! We’re heading back to school next week and not only plan to deluge Columbia’s campus with flyers telling the world, willing or not, about the wonders of our tiny mag, but want to get more submissions, ‘cause you know we always need submissions. Just thought we’d let you know what we’re up to. Thanks for your continued support, interest and perusal. As always, we’ll update you with current events on this blog (just took a drink of RC). Right now on the agenda we’re taking submissions for an issue set to appear in mid-October, so tell your friends and/or dig up your old musty scrawlings, we want to see them. Also…we’re toying with the idea of a little more art, preferably black and white, though, to keep printing costs low. Got it? And if anything else comes up, we’ll let you know (closed RC bottle). Look for more updates now that school is in session. And don’t hesitate to ask questions either through comments, which we have a considerable dearth of here, we’d like that to change, or our email at

Yours, Liz and Laura

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