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Thursday, July 30, 2009

This Bird Has NOT Flown!

So…this is shocking, isn’t it. A post on the Toucan blog. Well, we still exist. The Toucan has not flown away, not at all. We are taking a bit of a hiatus due to the typical summer adventures, however. Surely you’ve noticed that by now, and we do want to apologize for not posting that on the blog sooner. Now you’ve probably given us up as bad jobs and never want to submit again, but we implore you to give us another chance. And submissions, PLEASE!!!!
This is the main reason we did not have the promised summer issue—when we evaluated the situation, we realized it wouldn’t work because we didn’t have any work. Again, we are sorry to disappoint—we’re disappointed too. BUT….we shall resume publication and all other plans (we dare not mention release party in case that falls through again) when we return to good ol’ Columbia College in early Sepetember. We’d like our next issue, which will be number 4 for those die-hards, out by mid-October. Send us the poetry, prose and art you’ve created in your productive summers while you weren’t working or studying your tails off or getting mosquito bites and god knows what else we did this summer. PLEASE?!!! Pretty please with a cherry on top? The Toucan likes cherries!!!

The Editrices

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