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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Page 16--Isfa--Dan Cirilo

it is the dawning of my twilight
& I tremble to begin each day;
to make love, to write,
to run the cliffside trails
between Sequoias' shade
& the disappearing shore.
this need, this urgency
I cannot contain...
coiled within muscle & sinew,
a lightening bolt constrictor;
in my breast a nuclear heart
beats rhythm to a living universe,
mimicking the flutter
of a hovering hummingbird.
lava-hot, blood courses up my spine
exploding behind my eyes
in orgasmic bursts of impossible colour.
as consciousness unfolds,
like a thousand-petaled lotus
in a fountain of light,
my soul, my essence, my purest self
floats...serene, silent, lily-like
on a peaceful pond;
a levitating Buddha,
immortal, eternal...
I'm so beautifully alive.

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