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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Contributor Bios

We love our contributors so, so much. OK, we love our readers too, but until you catch the writing bug and send us something we’re not going to be publishing all your accomplishments plus a description of your ideal mate in three words or less. What do you think we are, a dating service? <3

Amanda Abraham: I am 24 years old and trucking through my education @ Columbia College as a Creative Writing/Poetry major part-time. I'm an aspiring editor and working-class girl who's juggling two jobs at the moment. More of my work can be viewed on a publishing site at I also have poems published in the 1999-2003 issues of the Labyrinth literary magazine, as well as an article published for the July 2007 issue of My ideal mate? Most likely imaginary (haha)!

Tom Besson, born in 1951, is a product of Nineteen-Fifties America, and a Czech immigrant subculture. He studied at The University of Houston Art College for 3 years before “dropping-out” and moving to the counter-culture Austin of 1974. In the mid-90’s Besson retraced his immigrant ancestors’ journey back to Moravia, Czech Republic where he now maintains a summer studio. His involvements with symbolism lead to a Neosymbolist collective of American, Czech, German, Slovakian and Danish artists with similar interests. His work has been displayed in museum exhibitions sponsored by the Czech Ministry of Culture and in contemporary art galleries in Texas, Denmark, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Besson has work in the permanent collection of the University of Houston and in private collections in Ireland, Wales, Czech Republic, Canada and the United States. More of Besson’s work can be seen at

Dan Brady: I write prose, poetry, haiku, essays and science fiction. Over the decades, my poetry has been published in small press magazines and other publications. I have been performing readings in San Francisco since 1972. In 1985, I went back to college to obtain an elementary teacher's credential and began teaching in 1987. I married in 1989 and for several years writing was set aside. However, it was through haiku and the Haiku Poets of Northern California that I began my return to writing. I am again active in the San Francisco poetry scene performing readings, publishing, hosting and attending events as well as maintaining a calendar of San Francisco’s open mic scene.

Ariel Daniels is a Chicago-area writer who has her correspondence hacked into occasionally for inspiration. She is a proud feminist whose ideal mate would be adventuresome, smart and hilarious.

When she was a little girl, Clara Hsu wanted to be a hermit and martial artist living in the mountains of China. Life's mysterious path took her to the United States. In this reality, she practices the art of multi-dimensional being: mother, musician, traveler, and poet.

JANEisnotplain is a Chicago-based word artist whose work has been featured in a variety of rags like CRIT Journal, Xtsis MAG, Sein Un Verden, etc. JANE has become adventurous of late and has been experimenting with text and visual media. She is always investigating self and surroundings, bending zones of comfort. She is anxiously awaiting the return of Polaroid 600 to complete visual text documentaries. Her ideal mate would understand.

Stephen Kopel is a teacher, cyclist, art collector and blatant wordsmith; author of crax, crux, Spritz and Tender Absurdities; work resides in Margie, Off The Coast, Aethlon, Birmingham Poetry Review, Harpur Palate, Free Lunch; creator of Word Painters public poetry programs presented at SF's branch libraries. Oops, I forgot to include the 2nd 'item' you asked for...namely, in three words describe a perfect- well, I'd say: "bold, empathetic ethicist"...

Beth Rolingson lives outside Austin, Texas on Pan’s Farm, a place where roses and mesquite trees grow and where she has raised angora goats, children, and grandchildren. She has been writing poetry for 40-some years and a dream journal for nearly 20. She helps fight poverty and social injustice in her day job at Advocacy Outreach in Elgin.

Art by Andy Bigelow

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