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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Digging Duotrope

In the last week or so we learned about an online resource for magazines to advertise for submissions (thank you Small Press class). It's called Duotrope and earlier today we got ourselves a post on it: And we already have submissions! Yes! Some of you might have found us because of this resource--believe there's some way to provide feedback on us there, so do so if you like. Otherwise, thank you for submitting, and enjoy our site while you're here. If you have any questions about guidelines, feel free to email us at Thanks, new friends!

PS:  Even if you didn't find us on Duotrope and you think it sounds like two calf's livers--(sorry, that'd be Duotripe), it's still a great resource for writer as well as us lit mag editors. There are tons of markets--just say you're looking for fiction (or poetry) and a bunch of publications will pop up professionally begging you to submit to them, like us! Of course, we're happy you've chosen us, but go out and explore, Toucan Fans! You've surely got more than one piece of writing, right?

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