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Sunday, March 7, 2010

We Submit Our (Temporary) Surrender

Well folks, we've done the unthinkable. For the first time in the history of The Toucan, we've been so swamped with submissions we've had to take a break! (Smoke a few cigars, have some scotch...okay, we don't actually do that, we're sober birds.) But just so you know, currently submissions are closed until we can read and evaluate everything. That's not to say that if you submit something we won't read it--we'll take work at any point, but it sure won't make it into the Spring Issue! We're happy to say we'll be expanding it massively--still, if we wanted to include all the fabulous work we've received, we wouldn't be able to carry it, let alone print it. In fact, we may have to do something awesome with all the awesome work we've gotten.

Thanks again, Toucan Fans old and new. And wow, Duotrope!

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