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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Women and Children First, THEN Toucans!

If you are a literate person, you should be familiar with the Chicago bookstore Women and Children First. If not, you need to be. It's a feminist and gay-friendly independent bookstore that's been around for years at 5233 N. Clark Street ( Editrice Liz is having a love affair with the place. I mean, they handwrite book reviews and post them below the shelves! OH MY GOD! I'm considering living in there (but don't tell the staff, they might get alarmed at this). Anyway, as much as I love Women and Children First, the point of this post is not merely to offer our whole-hearted endorsement but to mention that as of today, the latest issue of The Toucan, the Valentine's Day Issue, is available there for our usual price of $3. So, you really need to get over there...ooh, it's so great! But I probably should leave sometime...otherwise I would be broke and The Toucan would flounder. Sigh. Priorities...

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