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Monday, March 22, 2010

Backing up with Old Bios

If you've been a' following us from the beginning, you may remember that we didn't have page numbers in our first issue, which was hilarious because we had a Table of Contents with theoretical page numbers and we naively assumed all of you readers could just count...but that's not the point of this post. The point is, back in those days, we didn't include biographies of our contributors either. As we spread our wings, we've realized we feel just terrible that those worthy writers who submitted to us in our first days don't have the same recognition as others do. So we called on them to finally submit themselves, or what they want you to know about them, now. A few of them responded--note other authors may have appeared in later issues and submitted their bio then. Again, we apologize, but better late than never!


Alexa Langrock was a student at Columbia College Chicago in the 2008-2009 school year. Her poems "Mating" and "Dream Logic" appeared in Issue One and  "Some Facts" in Issue Two.

Joshua McCool is a student at Columbia College Chicago. His poems "Stop Screaming, It's Only Foreplay" and "A Dying Generation: You Will Wonder Why The Children Grow Silent"  appeared in Issue One. "Instrument of War", and "Haikus"  appeared in Issue Three.

My name is Lauren Masterson and I have been a writer since I learned how to write.  My writing, especially as of late, is heavily inspired by Lewis Carroll, more specifically Alice in Wonderland.  No matter what genre I explore I always incorporate the attention to detail and the whimsy Carroll's stories have, even if that whimsy I use is a little dark.  Like any writer I hope to continue to be inspired and for my writing to grow, but always stay true to my voice and the stories that I love. (Lauren was published in Issues 1-3--you may recall fondly the Alice Gothica stories)

Hi, My name is Lisa Varley and I go to Saint Xavier University on the South Side of Chicago. I've always been a bit of a theatre geek and like to sew arrays of crazy costumes in my free time. I'm also fond of playing the air guitar and singing the lyrics to Japanese Pop songs at 7 am in the cafeteria. Why? You need to start of the day on the right foot! (Actually, everyone's groggy expressions give me something to look forward to besides my 8 am Cell Biology class.) (Lisa's poem "Graffiti" was also featured in Issue Four).


Daniel Majid was born a 6th century Persian warrior. He enjoys riding his bicycle, and moments of clarity. He is the editor of The Logan Square Literary Review.


Alison Burzd really does not like movie theater popcorn. She's not kidding. She has really tried to smuggle Trader Joe's popcorn into shows, she is very bad at parking cars, she does have a pink purse and she was stood up by her prom date. The rest, as they say, is fiction. Really.

Adam Lizakowski has lived in the United States since he immigrated from Poland in 1981. He is the author of more than a dozen books of poetry, the most recent being Chicago: City of Belief which was chosen by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Polish Division as the 2008 book of the year. His works have been reviewed by many well-know writers and literary critics including Polish Nobel Prize Winner, Czeslaw Milosz. Many critics in Poland consider him to be one of the best known Polish poets living abroad

Nick Tischer is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Fiction Writing. He lives in Kentucky where he spends his time writing, boxing, and practicing MMA. He hopes to someday become a UFC fighter and publish his novel. He is thankful for all his fans.

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