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Friday, April 30, 2010

Page 30--iGirlfriend--iDrew

gemma was in the kitchen
making a cup of tea
the radio was playing that song
i kissed a girl
and she was singing along

i’ve no idea what possessed me
but i grabbed hold of her
and gave her a full on snog
with tongue
as in my head it seemed a laugh
to do that then to ask
did you
i wasn’t anticipating
that she would respond
she even squeezed
my bum to bring us closer
i had to wriggle away

as cool as you like
she readjusted herself
caught her breath and as if
nothing had happened calmly said
earl grey or breakfast blend

to be honest i was expecting
not to have my tea sweetened
by saying
actually honey that wasn’t exactly unpleasant
then she sat there dunking chocolate biscuits
licking off the chocolate and looking at me

until she started laughing
drew you should see your face
what a picture
and by the way
you dirty slut
you ever ever do that again
i’ll slap you from here to
next tuesday

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