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Friday, October 1, 2010

Duality--Dan Cirilo

I have learned to live with

the duality within me;
to accept masculine & feminine,
the opposites which do not attract,
rather repel one another
in constant conflict...


Cocksure machismo struts
in arrogance, testosterone drenched
& diseased; a testicular cancer
of homophobia, the side effect
of every erection.
While the quiet wisdom of the Goddess
watches serenely, calming the brute,
allowing tears of compassion to flow.
she wraps him in a soothing lullaby;
melodic security blanket returning him to
the safety of the womb.
& there, on equal ground, where the seeds
of their consciousness began,
the sibling twins of Gemini
each see themselves reflected
in the other; no longer separate,
he not the dominant male,
& she not his femme fatale.

"Duality" by Tom Besson

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