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Friday, November 26, 2010

Push That Cart Forward! Our 2010 Pushcart Prize Nominees

We'd always heard about the Pushcart Prizes, in a tone of hushed reverence, and as we sat in front of our laptops, skimming through our tiny mag, we thought, someday, oh someday, we may be worthy of offering up a humble story or two to that great Wheelbarrow in the Sky. (At least, this is how we've always imagined the Pushcart to look like). And then, somewhat anticlimatically, we found out how easy it was to nominate work. Not to say that the prize has lost its lustre. But if we can do it...we'll do it. We scoured this year's issues (excepting Winter, because it comes out on the day of the postmark deadline...we'll do it next year), and here are who we consider most worthy, although it was an excrutiating process, and let's just say Editrice Laura's nose isn't quite as straight as it used to be...

We're adding links if you want to read the exceptional work one more time. And as for the rest of you, we'll do the same dance next year. Wow us for one of six slots, and give Editrice Laura a chance to remove one of Editrice Liz's ears. She'll be so thrilled.

And the nominees are:
Dear Emily, Ariel Daniels, Issue 5

Camera Shy, Greg Baldino, Issue 6

Game Shows, Michael Frissore, Issue 6
The Creation of Human Emotion/The Oreo Cookie, River Otter, Issue 7 (next time, we do not nominate work with obscenely long names)
Duality, Dan Cirilo, Issue 8
It All Becomes Fiction, Steven Mayoff, Issue 8

And of course, congrats again to our nominees, and here's hoping the Pushcart likes what they read!

PS: Above violence is fictional, but not impossible. :)


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