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Monday, February 14, 2011

Frankenstein Or Early Sunsets Over New Jersey, Max Baru

Donna unpacks her gloom onto the bed. Nods her head as she examines every detonator. Miranda photographs this from the corner of the room.

The mattress isn’t long enough so the hands and feet droop from the ends looking like happily rotting fruit. Fingers and toes unravel like spoiled clementines peeling.

Donna unpacks her romantic, it adds aesthetic complexity to the monochromatic design taking shape. Miranda turns on the flash, takes in the deep carmine pink.

Donna unpacks her fuck, for the appearance of function. Breasts take shape. Miranda flicks on harsh lighting.

Donna unpacks her vicious. A sewn and stitched slit splits. Miranda places an old-fashioned flashlight inside.

Finale: Donna kisses the sleeper and the bruised spoiled beauty awakes, unpacks a kiss without a mouth. Miranda takes a photograph. Donna develops transparent.

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