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Monday, February 14, 2011

Motorcycle Mantra, James Spencer

Gears shift and miles fall away. RPMs compete for my attention as the road puts her grandeur out on display.

A staccato mantra of twin valve unison and passing reflective dots plays softly in my head. Endorphins flow and synapses connect, I’m resolute that I’d rather be nowhere else instead.

Six speeds to infinity, a twist of the throttle to Mach One. The asphalt reads like The Odyssey, the bindings to my inhibitions come undone.

As the foothills give way to the Rockies, and the horizon makes a bed for the sun, an epiphany creeps towards consciousness, a few more horses burst out to run.

If I could fuel it with bliss we might run forever. Circumnavigate the globe and never look back. Just chase the sunset for eternity, and never see a day fade to black.

Oh but reality is eventually triumphant, and you have to return to the nest. Her motor clicks and pops as your head hits the pillow, to dream about the next trip while you rest.

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