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Friday, February 4, 2011

Poem of the Week, "Jan Hus...", SJ Fowler

So this week we have for you the longest title of anything we've ever published, paired with a fairly short poem (which is why you will not see it as the post title). Isn't that always the way? We've identified our weaknesses as poems with long titles and poems with funny formats. Still, it's a nice, poetic musing from SJ Fowler, so enjoy. And we're hard at work on the Canadian Issue!

{Jan Hus travels to the Council of Constance to argue the case for reform & is burned as a heretic, despite an imperial guarantee of safe conduct}

by SJ Fowler

How it retained colour,
though it were dead for some time ahead o measurement,
it does seem freshly buried.

Almost more than any man deserves,
to be reminded of Claudius James Rich.
& then only the books
those they have not got around to pulping

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