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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Issue 12's Table of Contents and Brief Apology

Yes, we know we're a bit late (and behind on correspondence). But better late than never. Enjoy one of our longer, more art-filled issues, don't melt, and don't get hit by stray fireworks. In fact, be serenaded by our gentle ukelele playing....err, better make that Kat Wyand's gentle ukelele playing Toucan. She's quite the ukelele player. You don't want to hear us.

Woodpeckers, Sandy Yang

Doppleganger, Matt Morgan
from Home Sweet Home, Brian Guttman
The Great Bank Run of 1912, Kyle Hemmings
Paid in Full, Mike Tager
Playing Intergalatic Baseball, J.J Steinfeld
Art by Denny Marshall
The Villainy of Hamlet (Part 2 of 2), Ian Singleton 
i put the ass in b(ass), Sarah Anne Stinnett
The Broken Era and art, Sarah Anne Stinnett
Waitress Assumed I Was Paying, Kenneth Gurney
Art by Jim Fuess
Licenses of Ink, Jonathan Henderson
“the cuckoo flies over time”, Grace Marie Grafton
hitchhiker, Ryan Mattern
papa, Ryan Mattern
Transient Sight, Michael Cluff
Heat, George Bishop
Dark Within Dark, Gordon Mason
Telegraph Pole No. 570, Gordon Mason
Chinatown, Chloe Viner
Amateur Plumber and Wife, John Grey
If Vegetables Had Skeletons, Brandon Amico
Wedding Toast From the Best Man, Who Is Still Single For Some Reason, Brandon Amico

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