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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dead Author Coloring Sheets

Editrice Liz is doing a ton of non-Toucany stuff, and some of it is vaguely literary. For the Columbia College Fiction Writing Student Board's Dead Authors Bash (that wasn't a long title at all), she realized there was a dearth of coloring sheets of her favorite authors. Resourceful chappess that she is, she made some. With a little help from a friend of course, but those will be posted later.

Feel free to use these for some nefarious purpose of your own! Or even better, create some of your own.  Either that or marvel at Liz's skills, or lack thereof. Others will be posted soon!

Kurt Vonnegut

Katharine Anne Porter

Virginia Woolf (we would have to do that one)

J.D Salinger

These next three were created by the lovely Kat Kidwell (and if you click on this link, you will see that the adverb is justified.)

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