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Friday, November 11, 2011

Poem of the Week, Forever Darkness, Michael Dresden

It's cold, it's wet. It's depressing. At least our love lives are still going strong, unlike the poor chap in this poem. Congratulate Michael Dresden on his first ever publication...and someone tell the person in his poem that it's OK to love again. We promise.

Forever Darkness
by Michael Dresden

My world was once so colorful,
So beautiful, so bright.
And my girl only made the world
More magical and light

But now she only cares about
Those pigs in red and gray,
So now my world is blackening
As my heart fills with dismay.

The darkness of my broken heart
Has led me to believe
That every soul of every girl
Will cause the boys to grieve.

I thought my girl was different.
But I too have lost the war.
Now that my heart is darkened,
I will love no more.

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