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Friday, January 13, 2012

Poem of the Week, Rendezvous Ritual With the Muse, Vineet Kaul

Well, the New Year was not kind to us, landing us first with a family health crisis and then with a computer virus, so last week the Poem of the Week was an invisible piece of great meaning and tragedy. Much like Editrice Laura, but that's another story. Let's kick the new year off a bit tardily, but right all the same, with a poem that should sound a lot like a resolution. You should have more rendezvous with the muse, and then you should send them to us.
Happy New Year! (And check out what we linked to last week on Facebook in lieu of posting a poem: a PBS interview with Joan Didion about her new book, Blue Nights)

Rendezvous Ritual with the Muse
by Vineet Kaul

a misstep on some dry twigs
your pulse exposed
                     that rustle woos
                          a trigger loose
                               an impulse shoots>>

past the curtains of your eyelids
    like a bullet through a paper coreflute
right into the backstop of your brain
accuracy bragging from the residual hole
        bang in the centre of your iris
                                                                                                B-B-B-Bull’s eye!

those are the moments when you don’t blink
    you can’t think
        all you can do is resign
throwing your hands in the air…
by visions to which your world won’t agree
in angles condemned by all decree

Mumble a queasy

      “Take me to your leader!”
         clutch your wound and fall to the floor

                            writhe like a shaman
            to clicking sounds around a fire
            in tales and tongues you can’t decipher

flutter         falter         stumble       }

shake         flicker        fumble        }  (in no particular order)

shimmer     shudder     grumble      }        

                                                Until a scribble brings you home…

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